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ARLAS ENterprise

Machine Learning to provide true location intelligence.

Mission Critical

ARLAS Enterprise offers a comprehensive, easy to use and interpret framework for data analysts and non-experts alike to gain actionable insights from their data lake. The combination of ARLAS Exploration and ARLAS Proc/ML provides a complete data analysis work flow that adapts to your specific use cases.

Arlas exploration

ARLAS Exploration enables you to ingest, filter and visualize your historical and real-time data. To analyze, organize  distributions over time & space, over multiple numeric indicators. Its scalable architecture and components go beyond where traditional front- and back-ends (user interfaces, servers and databases) have reached their limits.

Arlas Proc/ML

ARLAS Proc/ML is the extension to ARLAS Exploration which allows for rapid distributed processing capabilities. A scalable processing and machine learning framework for large volumes of tracked objects. With the use of mission critical ML algorithms organizations can improve data quality and enrich business analyses with temporal-spatial functionality. Both historical and in real-time.


Non-specialists and BI analysts alike have access to:

  • Precision through cleansed data sets
  • Fast and powerful search capabilities (seconds in stead of hours)
  • In-depth real-time and historical data analytics (flexibility and trend analysis)
  • Visualization through maps, charts and graphs
  • User friendly interfaces through design and widgets (especially for non-specialists)
  • Identity management for secure access


ARLAS Enterprise is build upon popular frameworks for Cloud, Big Data and Spatial analysis. It allows for integration with existing back offices and interoperability with different data formats and databases as the solution is OGC compliant (open standards).

Microservices, REST framework …. 

open source

ARLAS is built upon open source software. This allows users to inspect, enhance and modify the code to their specific requirements.

Open source software avoids vendor lock-in, increases time-to-market and has a low Total Cost of Ownership. No surprise it is widely adopted across all sectors and utilized for strategic, business-critical applications.

In case you intend to embed ARLAS into your own product and/or service, the commercially friendly Apache V2 license allows for flexibility and control over the software.