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ARLAS Enterprise

To unlock your geospatial data, Gisaïa provides a proven and comprehensive solution: ARLAS Enterprise. With added Machine Learning for mission critical location intelligence.

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Your business and technical landscape changes. Learn how ARLAS Support ensures sustainability with updates, geoservices, bug fixes, help desk, hosting services, and other features.

Geospatial big data analytics

..big data is most useful when it can help solve complex problems, enable proactive insights and provide real answers to add value..” (Forbes, 2019)

But problems such as finding the ‘signal in the noise’, lack of data scientists and analysts, data silos, cumbersome computation, or poor visualisation inhibit organisations from capitalising on the hidden value of the available data. 

About Gisaïa

Since 2014, Gisaïa creates new uses and new added values for customers to exploit their large data lakes of temporal-spatial data.

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, developers, geospatial specialists and consultants provide turn-key mission-critical solutions.

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