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Gisaia was awarded the CNES SME Label for "Expertise and Cataloguing Solutions for Earth Observation Products Based on ARLAS-EO."


Screenshot of ARLAS-EO a framework for building scalable EO data catalogues that is published by Gisaia

Fluid continuous exploration for enhanced user experience.

Merge and showcase all of your EO products from multiple sources.

Built upon the latest big data technologies.

Built with open source core

Launch your EO catalogue in 6 weeks!

User authentication and Separation .

Backed by reliable support and services

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Up until recently, satellite images have been expensive, hard to come by and often used solely by experts.

But nowadays, our changing planet is observed by hundreds of satellites, producing billions of images every year.

As a direct result, those who produce and provide Earth observation (EO) products often struggle to offer a clear and comprehensive view of their voluminous catalogues. Because having to search through a plethora of EO products can lead to the more inexperienced of users working with unrelated EO products, and often missing the few relevant ones.

This situation can quickly turn into lost customers. So, clarity and exhaustiveness of the offering is a key element of customer success or otherwise.

million Sentinel-2 images in 2019
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images of Toulouse without cloud coverage

ARLAS-EO offers the quickest way to build catalogues for Earth observation  products – or derived products – and to reliably identify the ones that matter most to the customer.

From the outset, ARLAS visually maps all available products, sets them against a timeline and offers different analytical histograms for various data dimensions (cloud coverage, verticality etc).

The user can therefore quickly dive straight to the relevant products by restricting the value ranges on both the map and histograms. 

Histograms also offer a vision of peripheral data, meaning those just at the limits of the user’s criteria, thus making the user aware of what could potentially be missed.

Thanks to previews and smart WMTS integration, users are able to select with confidence the EO products of their choice. All in all, ARLAS has been designed to provide an engaging and inspiring experience that will encourage the user to come back time and time again.

ARLAS also offers powerful and fully-documented REST API and OGC services allowing for wider adoption. Notably, smart bookmarks, notifications for new, relevant products and share functions offer an easier and more collaborative experience.

confident selections
of key EO products

inspiring & engaging
user experience

Product previews
& smart WMTS

ARLAS-EO comes with some standard EO catalogue features but can be easily customised to include more functions.

  • Visualisation and interactions with the geo-spatial distribution of the EO products
    • in aggregated mode (grid or heatmap)
    • in feature mode (the product extends are displayed on the map denoting different satellites by different colours)
  • Visualisation and interactions with the distribution of product property values:
    • product type (optic, radar, etc.)
    • product source (satellite, sensor, etc.)
    • cloud percentage detected in the product’s extend
    • toponyms (country/state/city names) covered by the product’s extend
    • illumination azimuth & elevation angles
    • acquisitions incident angle
    • product resolution
    • any other dimension carried by the product’s metadata
  • Visualisation and distribution interaction with:
    • histograms
    • date histograms
    • multi layer donuts
    • swimlanes
  • Thumbnail grids and previews with synchronised highlighting of the grid and the map
  • Card grids presenting the product properties
  • WMTS visualisation integrated into the map
  • Application state encoded in the URL for sharing between users
  • Role Based Access: Secured access with Auth2 and privileged access management for products and product properties
  • Bookmark management
  • Shape, KML, WKT and geojson import for geo filtering
  • Geojson and CSV download
  • Interactive tutorial


Frédéric Michon​
Frédéric Michon​Head of Image Processing Department - AIRBUS Defence & Space
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"Working with Gisaïa has allowed us to accelerate our big data innovation and think differently about its potential uses in our solutions.”
Project Manager
Project ManagerThe French Space Agency
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"I value the good communication and responsiveness of the Gisaia team the most."
Frédéric Hanoulle
Frédéric Hanoulle Software Architect - Airbus Defence and Space
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What I really appreciate from Gisaia team's support and services is timely feedback on the timeframe for corrections or changes .
Clients rating: Expertise in geospatial technologies -


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