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Public Transportation

Optimising the service

IT'S complex

Designing and operating a public transportation service to the best of its capacity is extremely difficult. The combination of different forms of transport (tram, bus, subway, ferry, cable-car etc.) with a sophisticated, alternating timetable design and a required number of journeys makes it very hard for a public transport operator to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its network. Our SaaS solution arlas.city simplifies merging and aligning of public transport data silos to offer a comprehensive view on the network.



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Not understanding the qualities or shortcomings of the transport system prevents the operator from optimising the service, and this, in turn, can impact millions of travellers.

“In 2011 the use of public transportation saved 865 million hours in travel time and 450 million gallons of fuel in 498 urban areas.”

Source: American Public Transportation Association

arlas.city MAKES IT CLEAR

arlas.city has the capacity to revolutionise a public transportation service as it offers new insight into its complexities and subtleties. Operators can now explore, at one time, thousands of lines over months of service.
It can be applied to small cities or world capitals, always with a fluid and clear view of network topology, frequency and all other service dimensions. At last, it is possible to have a clear and comprehensive overview.

A comprehensive overview
of the transport service

Analytical insights
into service performance

Even more importantly, arlas.city provides many simplified – but incredibly powerful – analytical insights into service performance. Operators can interpret customised reports on delays, observed speeds and cancelled trips.

arlas.city is simple to use : just plug it in! Any operator with GTFS realtime service can use these innovative features to understand and optimise their public transportation service with confidence.