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From location data to fleet intelligence


It is costly to own and operate a fleet of trucks or ships. Competition is fierce and profit margins are getting thinner. Road and maritime transport is particularly vulnerable to theft and damage and it can be hard to assess the quality of infrastructure, with bottlenecks often being numerous but not always easy to detect in advance.

Once a race for the lowest tonne/km price, the competition (including new tech players such as Uber and Amazon) is now more focused on delivery times, reflecting the consumer demand for rapid and “just-in-time” service.

Road freight in EU-27
Trillion tonne-kilometre
+ 0 %
expected by 2030
for 1 tonne-kilometre (road)


ARLAS elevates simple asset location data to a means of fleet intelligence. The benefits offered by ARLAS PROC ML are made possible thanks to the vast spectrum of information that is generated from location data. This information does not just pertain to where your assets are right now, but offers a wealth of data with regard to the life and activity of an asset:

   – At what times is an asset active?
   – Is it overused or underused?
   – What are its behaviour patterns?
   – For how long does it travel?
   – And how far?
   – Which routes are used?
   – What is its origin/destination matrix?

geotracked truck

ARLAS PROC ML transforms this data into asset intelligence by combining a large-scale, processing framework and a unique catalogue of processing and machine learning algorithms. Every link in the processing chain brings a new piece of information and therefore offers an incredible level of modularity, aligning as close as possible to your operational needs. This processing framework has been optimised for large-scale, location sequence processing and can work with just a few objects or billions of them.

With ARLAS EXPLORATION, you are offered a novel and unique way of studying, measuring and assessing your operational strategies, all supported by detailed fleet analytics. The software gives you the vital indicators required for successful operational management, such as capacity utilisation and annual or on-time performance – and these indicators are available both at vehicule/asset level, but also for the entire fleet.


Automatic travel assembly

Origin / destination matrix

of assets

Productivity indicators are revealed with speed and clarity and you can start to better understand asset behaviour and geographical patterns. Infrastructure bottlenecks are brought to light and a clearer idea of route optimisation can be gained. Millions of journeys over months of operation can be explored instantaneously, whether it relates to domestic or international freight.

ARLAS offers instantaneous, customised analysis reports about strategic intermediary points, deliveries, intermodal transfer nodes, transit times between strategic points, on-time performance and cumulated costs and fuel consumption.