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Explore your geo-big data without limit

Do you want a comprehensive overview of all your data? With ARLAS Exploration, you don’t need to be an expert in order to appreciate the subtleties of your data lake and gain valuable business insights. You can filter and visualise both historical and real-time spatial data and view distribution over time and space, as well as other numerical indicators.



Machine Learning for true location intelligence

ARLAS Proc ML brings together a powerful, big data processing engine and a set of machine learning algorithms. This makes the transformation and refining of location sequences possible and thus improves the quality of your raw data by bringing significant added value.

Our solution takes you from asset location to asset intelligence by offering in-depth knowledge of asset activity in order to optimise operational management and economies of scale.


ARLAS Framework is built upon popular frameworks for cloud, Big Data and spatial analysis. The microservices architecture enables a scalable solution. Moreover, ARLAS can be integrated into existing back offices and offers interoperability with different data formats and databases. The solution is OGC-compliant (open standards).


To choose an open-source solution is to choose a free, safe and sustainable solution. Gisaia has made ARLAS is available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 licence.

"Insurance business is about risk and therefore by definition information. To underwrite a risk, an insurer must have access to the best information about the risk over time but also be able to store it, visualize it to better understand it, and access it quickly to develop its models. Insurance, on the other hand, suffers from technological inertia which creates a great opportunity for GISAIA and their ARLAS platform. The demand for big data visualization tools is rapidly emerging in the insurance industry, which is committed to investing significant budgets to improve their information analysis tools. However, the existing service offer is not of the same level of quality and experience as GISAIA which has developed ARLAS for the defense, space and satellite industry."